Fit & Healthy

I will help you set attainable goals & reach those goals through small milestones. We will focus on intuitive eating through macro counting & the use of a custom exercise program. We have weekly checkin's and 1:1's for accountability and support.

Gym Program

This is a basic gym program. This program is not custom to your goals. It will improve your confidence in the gym, knowledge of gym equipment & be easily executable.

Custom Gym Program

Have a specific fitness goal? Looking to build muscle, gain strength, agility, get in shape for sports tryouts, HIIT workouts, or cutting...I will design a custom workout for you to smash your goals!



Fitness goes hand in hand with nutrition. You can't out train a bad diet. I will help you learn how to make healthy food decisions by focusing on flexible dieting through the use of macros. Meal plans & nutrition ideas are available.

Personal Training 1:1

I offer personal training at a gym in the Twin Cities of MN. If you are interested in training with me this may be a great option!

Competition Prep

I am excited to offer competition prep as a full service. If your goal is to step on stage for the first time or you are a repeat competitor I can help guide you to the stage.


Goal Consultation

Initial goal assessments with each client are complimentary. During this time we cover short term & long term goals and set a game plan for achievement.


Goals are unique to each individual. I work closely with each client to dig deep, set SMART goals & give customized plans to reach them. All of my clients have check in days for accountability and 1:1 coaching time with me.



If you have questions on programs or products please email me.

Do something TODAY that your future self will thank you for.